A Bodacious Story of a New Beginning

A bodacious story of a new beginning:

In early 2018, I was in architecture class doodling inside my notebook, listening to music. I was listening to the usual. The next song to play on my phone, was “Spookshow Baby” by Rob Zombie. The songs instrumental, was this fast paced, psychedelic, sitar strum. It reminded me of Rob’s persona, & his music style all together. So, in my notebook, I had written, “Groovy Devil”. I had looked at what I wrote down, amazed at the strange phrase. Was this genius, or one of my typical nincompoop thoughts? No, I had loved it. I loved it so much, I had been writing the name in my notebooks & school papers more often. So often, it there was a  point where it became a subconscious action.

During this confusing time in my life, I was still trying to find myself. I had just came out of an extreme depressive state, so I had began to try to act in a more positive manner. I had worked on myself, & wanted to have a different state of mind. It felt like I had woken up with a neat idea every week, to then later put them down, thinking they were quite frankly stupid, & chaotic to my own self esteem (which was already extremely low). Those “genius” thoughts would excite me, but I would procrastinate to do any of it. For instance, I had wanted Groovy Devil to be a radio show, filled with new music people could listen to, without the listener saying, “I’ve heard this song so many times.” then reach to the radio tuner.

Skip forward to several months later, (December) I was pondering about the endless possibilities of what I wanted to do after high school. I had became upset with myself, because every idea that came out of my hollow skull, was complete foul garbage. Most of the thoughts in my head, were put in from my dad. I can’t be upset with the man giving me options on what would be beneficial for me. The only thing that made me roll my eyes, was that all of his options were about high wage, & jobs that interested him. It was all horse shit to be quite honest. Maybe, just MAYBE, I can try to work on something myself. My own business, the American dream. But what? I’m not interested in a lot of things, except certain arts & entertainment. I’m not a talented musician, I’m not creative in writing, as I thought I was, but my drawings were alright, I guess. I know a lot of people that are talented in that subject, but I don’t think i’m the worst at it either. The words, “Groovy Devil” came back into play. My smile was from ear to ear, when I had thought of a brilliant idea.

My mind was so lost, because I didn’t know how to start a business. So, I had done what everyone does, when they have a burning question, Google. Scrolling through the usual click-bait titles, I had come across a man, that I still look up to till today, Gary Vaynerchuk. His words persuaded me to get off my ass, & start working on my idea, to actually give it birth. The only part was, is I know I can’t do it alone. I know I needed someone by my side, because I would give myself unnecessary stress. So, my head went towards my only few options.

 I had messaged two of my closest companions, that I’ve known since I was an oily faced, hunchback goth, 7th grader. My question to them, was an anxiety spiking thought. “Would you be willing to start a business with me?” Luckily, my great friend, Bryan had responded with a yes (the other friend shall remain nameless ;). I had chosen them, because they’re the only friends I know that have a strong mindset, are loyal, & have been through thick & thin. I don’t know where I’d be without them, to be quite honest. One gave me confidence, & the other made me “be myself”, surrounded by fakes.

I had saved up money, to start my business. Soon enough, we had put everything together nicely. My goal to start my business had been met one month earlier than I had anticipated. Music had still given me inspiration, & still fully committed to this project. I have lots of ideas to expand our brand, as well as making our brand feel more open, while still having our niche. Our brand is for you, Groovy Devil.